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A Few Customer Testimonials

I am 46 years old and have 2 children 21 and 23. Right after my first daughter was born I had issues with my left hip. It has caused me pain and discomfort for 20+ years. I have tried everything from Reiki, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Chiropractors and Physiotherapy. One Chiropractor told me that it was a arthritis and calcium build up in the hip joint from child birth. It would be a part of my life and restrict the amount of golfing (my one love) that I could do. In february 2014 I was looking for a Massage Therapist for help with the sore neck I had. When I spoke to Darren he advised me that what he did was a little different but he was sure it would help. My hip has not hurt since my first visit. At the end of February my husband and I went golfing in Phoenix. I was able to shop all I wanted and golf 5 days in a row with no pain. The best I could do in the past was golf 2 days then the pain was so bad I had to quit. Darren has changed my life. I can lift things again, golf and wear high heels. I normally don't wear heels but it is nice to know that I can whenever I want without pain. I have recommended Darren and Myofascial Release to anyone I know with chronic pain. This is truely a technique that I will convince my family and friends to try.

Thanks Darren for everything you have done for me

Angie Scott

Blackie, AB

Just want to let you know how blown away I am at the effect of your treatments!

I have been searching for years for relief and have tried chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors and others, I have never gotten the extent of results I have with you in only a few treatments.

I'm frustrated that I have spent all the time and money on these other modalities over so many years, but the gratitude and health I feel overrides everything else.

Besides the fact the my back finally "stays in" and finding out that one leg isn't actually shorter than the other (!), my long time shoulder issue is finally being addressed.

But the most astounding change of all is that my singing voice has improved by leaps and bounds! I have added 3 strong noted to the top end of my range and at least 1 to the bottom end .... how does that happen!? My voice coach is ecstatic!

Filled with gratitude!

Michelle Burles

I suffered for many, many years of constant debilitating pain in my lower back, sacral region which would shoot nagging pain down my right leg. I tried laser therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractics. I would get relief that would only last a day, two tops. I was to the point of not being able to walk for more than 10 minutes without being in such excruciating pain that I would have to sit down.

I met Darren when I started working in his office. He told me he would have me "fixed". I was sceptical.

I have to say his myofascial techniques quickly relieved my symptoms and I was able to walk without pain again within a few months.

I am eternally grateful for what Darren has done for me.

I totally recommend him to anyone!

Cheryl Cochlan

Stavely, AB

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