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Current and Future Patients ...

Some FAQ's

MFR treatments are a gentle yet therapeutic hands-on, full body treatment

that utilizes visual assessment and cues from the body to effectively work the fascia.

Arriving early for your treatment will allow you time to unwind from your daily grind and be ready for your appointment.

Arriving about ten minutes early should be adequate unless you are new to the clinic

then you will want to arrive at least 15 minutes early; giving you enough time for paperwork

What do I wear for treatment?

There is no top sheet used during treatment so clients should bring loose fitting shorts

and a sports bra (preferably one without large thick straps) or many prefer to just be treated in their undergarments.

Can you direct bill my appointment?

Yes, we direct bill 11 different major insurance companies - amount varies depending on your coverage

How do I pay?

We currently do not accept debit as payment but do accept cash, cheque or credit cards.

How many treatments are needed?

Every person is completely different and will take more or less than the next so this is hard to answer.

What is recommended for first timers is to book three one hour sessions three to seven days apart,

this will allow your body to settle in to treatment and allow us to address fascial restrictions more efficiently.

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